Teething and Fevers – The Real Scoop

Teething signs in babies are usually pretty easy to spot – the drooling, overall crankiness and disinterest in feeding – are all fairly classic symptoms ...
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Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist for Your Child?

If your child is nearing their first birthday, then it is time to start thinking about scheduling their first visit to the dentist. The American ...
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Mouthwash: Yes or No?

You brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day, so you know that you’re doing the right things to keep your teeth ...
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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Toothpaste for You and Your Family

Take a stroll down the toothpaste aisle at your local drugstore or supermarket, and chances are you’ll be overwhelmed by all the different choices. So, ...
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Wisdom Teeth: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t remember much about your permanent teeth coming in when you were in grade school other than the ...
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Toothbrush 101: Finding the Right Toothbrush for You and Your Family

It’s not a mystery that good oral hygiene is vital to maintaining your overall health and wellbeing.  It’s also not a revelation that brushing your ...
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