Kids and Common Sports-related Dental Injuries

Whether your kid is playing a pickup game of softball in the park, competing in a travel basketball league or battling it out in the ...
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Braces: They’re not Just for Kids

If you didn’t have braces when you were a kid, or you weren’t diligent about wearing your retainers, you might be considering getting braces as ...
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The Top 5 Signs That You May Have a Cavity

“You have a cavity.” These are words that everyone dreads hearing when they visit the dentist. Good oral hygiene is obviously the best way to ...
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Tips for Keeping Your Little One’s Mouth Healthy

Around four to six months old, most babies start showing signs of teething. Amid all of the irritability, drooling and red and swollen gums associated ...
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Dental Health and the Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, it’s easy to get caught up in eating delicious treats like cookies, pies, candy and cakes.  However, those sweet treats can ...
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So Many Choices! Narrowing Down Toothpaste Options

Choosing a tube of toothpaste might seem like an easy task, but it is much more complicated than you think. There are toothpastes formulated for ...
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