Ouch! How to Recognize an Abscessed Tooth in Children

An abscessed tooth is a painful bacterial infection that can form inside the teeth, gum or jawbone. Damage to the tooth, untreated tooth decay, or ...
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Dental X-rays: A Look Inside

Dental x-rays are a vital part of your oral healthcare.  Along with your oral exam, x-rays allow your dentist to visualize a more complete picture ...
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It’s Strange, But True: Some People Are More Prone to Cavities than Others

Most people, at some point or another, will develop a cavity, no matter how dedicated they are to oral health and hygiene. However, some people ...
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Braces on Baby Teeth? Yes, It’s a Thing!

When you think of a kid with braces, you probably picture a preteen or teenager, not an elementary school age kiddo who has yet to ...
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So My Child Has an Overbite… Now What?

Overbites are very common.  In fact, according to the American Dental Association, nearly 70% of children exhibit the signs of having an overbite.  The most ...
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Your Oral Health and Your Overall Health – It’s All Connected

Ever wonder why your dentist asks you so many questions about your health and lifestyle when you visit the office for your routine cleaning and ...
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