VW Bus Logo

Why does the logo have a bus?


Dr. Buzz used to drive a teal VW beetle in high school.  As he started his studies in college, if he was ever asked what he wanted to do when he grew up, Dr. Buzz’s response was always, “whatever I do, I want to surf before work and drive a VW bus.”  Thus, the inspiration for our logo began.

Choosing and pursuing the goal of dental school was a major step for Dr. Buzz.  One that came with the promise of lots of hard work and determination to pursue what would become his life’s calling.  Science didn’t come naturally in college, so Dr. Buzz really had to study hard to excel in this field and be competitive in applying to dental school. Once accepted, he knew he was in the right place and hasn’t stopped applying that same mindset of hard work and determination everyday in his practice.   

Our logo represents hard work, determination, sacrifice, and reaching your goals, dreams, and ambitions.  This logo also represents part of our practice philosophy which is to create a calm and relaxing environment at our office, just like the calm you feel when at the beach or looking over the ocean.

Dr. Buzz is still working on his surfing skills and still dreams of getting that VW bus (hopefully very soon!!) but seeing the Santee Bus logo everyday reminds him to keep working towards his goals, keep dreaming big, and keep pushing himself to be the best he can be.  You can achieve anything if you set your mind to it!

Dr. Buzz during his high school years with his Uncle Jose (aka Tío Nacho) who fully restored this 1970 VW Beetle.  Tío Nacho picked the teal color way back then and it's now a main part of our office logo and color of our bus logo!
6/2/23, Huntington Beach, CA- Dr. Buzz and his kids at the North American premiere of the new VW bus named the I.D. Buzz!
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